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  • Sylvain Livenais
  • Paris
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Game audio demo reel

Sound design and sound implementation

Faeria - Abrakam SA - Belgium

Sound design and sound integration

Handball worldcup 2017

Sound design

Car engine using Fmod and Unreal

Sound intégration

Sound design

Tech, monsters, ambiant

Long Bay Resort

Sound design and original music

Ocean Reef

Sound design and original music

Wwise demo reel

Sound integration

Lipstick Traces

Original music


Sound design


Sound design

Kerastase - Director's cut

Sound design and original music

Immo Mousquetaire

Original music

Objectif Eau

Sound design


Original music

Woolers Racing

Sound design and original music

Anniversaire de Charlie

Original music


Original music

Canary Wharf

Sound design

Mix & Match

Sound design

Young Blood

Original music

French Antique Wedding

Original music

D-Max - Directors Cut

Original Music


Sound design

Agefa PME

Sound design and original music


Original music


Original music

Best Whishes

Original music and sound design


Sound design and original music


Sound design and original music


Original music


Sound design

1900 2000

Sound design


Original music

9 Chemin des Gauchoirs

Sound design

Space dog 3

Sound design and original music

Stupid Pigeon 3

Sound design and original music


Audio design


Audio implementation

Original music

Sound design

Voice recording

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Significant events, awards, diplomas.

  • 2016
  • 1 Jan 16

    Award: Best music score

    Best Music Score - Feel The Reel International Film Festival – Glasgow – United Kingdom -2016 - Shortfilm “YoungBlood” directed by Aguendia Fotabong

  • 22 Feb 16

    Wwise certification 101

  • 6 Aug 16

    School of video game audio graduation

    Making of a demo reel using Audiokinetic Wwise and AkCube

  • 2012
  • 19 Jun 12

    Master degree MAAAV

    Graduation at the Louis Lumière University in sound design and music for video games and films

  • 2011
  • 6 Jan 11

    Master degree in sound design and music

    Graduation at Paul Valery University in music composition master degree

  • 1 Jan 11

    Nomination at the CIMFA

    CIMFA - Annecy – France – 2011 Nominated in electroacoustic music category


Sylvain Livenais

Sound designer music composer

Sylvain is a sound designer and music composer for video games and films. He designs marketing and advertising Audio Identities. He holds a Master in Composition from Université Lumière (Lyon, France), a Master in Musicology from Université Paul Valery (Montpellier, France) and a Wwise certification from Audiokinetic. As a specialist of complex mixing and sound FX processes, he has developed a unique expertise in multi-styles (electro, orchestral, jazz and rock) audio creations.

Recording an old detuned piano

Recording wood sounds

Recording cheering crowd

Mixing session using a C24 control surface and a surround system.

Surround mixing session using a VENUE control surface

Sound design researches

Recording outdoor ambiances

Audio integration using Audiokinetic Wwise